Loudspeaker Systems for Houses of Worship

The main purpose of any house of worship audio system is to project intelligible speech to the congregation. An equally important task for many such systems is providing high quality reproduction of choral groups, live instruments, and recorded music. In fact, sound systems for houses of worship have evolved from simple speech reinforcement to full concert entertainment quality multi-media systems. What is one of the most important aspects for fulfilling these functions? The choice of loudspeakers.


Community manufactures professional loudspeaker systems for houses of worship that excel at reproduction of both speech and music. Our loudspeakers have been specified and installed in hundreds of worship systems worldwide. Because each worship space and each congregation has different needs, many important factors must be considered to determine the best choice of loudspeakers, such as room shape, congregation size, the type of musical programs, provisions available for mounting loudspeakers, available budget and plans for possible future expansion.


Community E SERIES, I SERIES and V SERIES loudspeakers are eminently suited to meet the various demands, conditions, and budgets for house of worship applications.  For design and installation information, please contact your local Community A/V systems integrator.  For a list of authorized Community integrators in your area, please contact your Community Sales Representative.


E SERIES  |  Performance Made to Be Heard, Not Seen


E SERIES column loudspeakers are ideal for permanent installation in houses of worship where a discreet sound system is required in an acoustically challenging environment. Enclosed in architecturally appealing column enclosures, E SERIES delivers direct and precise coverage, allowing even sound distribution to each listener. The ENTASYS-FR column line source system is a scalable, high output, modular column system exhibiting true line array performance for any small-to-large size venue or application, while ENTASYS 200 systems exhibit point source-like, constant directivity behavior for small-to-medium size venues or distributed applications.  

I SERIES are high performance, high output modular loudspeaker systems with exceptional flexibility and discreet styling. This family of high performance installation loudspeakers offers a straightforward approach to implementing arrays, clusters and distributed systems. Multiple form factors are available: the IV6 modular vertical array, medium-to-large format high power IP800 and medium power IP600 loudspeaker systems featuring front-loaded woofers and large constant directivity horns, compact IC600 models with best-in-class LF extension and sensitivity, and a wide range of subwoofers. I SERIES loudspeakers are designed for top-of-the-line installation work and are made in the USA.  

I SERIES family.png

Aesthetically designed for any install, indoors and out, the IV6 Modular Vertical Array delivers stunning sound from the front row to the last.  IV6 arrays are scalable and adaptive, providing uniform coverage in short- or long-throw applications.

Community’s exclusive Passive Acoustic Optimization feature enables passive beamshaping for exceptional SPL and frequency response consistency without additional amplifiers or DSP channels.  

I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600


V SERIES  |  Where Performance Meets Value Engineering

V series family.png

V SERIES is an affordable range of small-to-medium sized loudspeakers designed for permanent installation in venues such as houses of worship where people gather to enjoy music and hear the spoken word.  Precisely engineered for versatile array construction, V SERIES excels in applications requiring controlled coverage patterns, high-impact power response, and intelligible sonic output. With ten basic models to choose from, V SERIES are flexible, easy to install, and most importantly they provide excellent sound quality, bringing high-impact capability to nearly any application at a surprisingly affordable price-point.

Community Provides Ideal Coverage for Christ the Redeemer Church

At Christ the Redeemer Church, a few Community E SERIES loudspeakers mounted on the columns flanking the altar are able to cover the entire church.  On each column, a double stack of full-range ENT-FR covers the congregation, with ENT212 for the choir and ENT206 for altar fill.  Additional low frequency reinforcement for music is provided by VLF208LV subwoofers.

Faith Fellowship Worships with Community

Faith Fellowship’s upgraded system uses three Community I SERIES IP8‑1122/26 loudspeakers, distributed across the stage front, to cover the room’s four seating areas. Two IS8‑115 subwoofers provide extended low-frequency support. The system is light-weight enough to hang safely from the building’s steel frame and the white loudspeakers complement the building’s interior appearance.

Founded nearly half a century ago in Northampton Township, Saint Bede the Venerable has grown to more than 10,000 parishioners. The church underwent a $5 million renovation and expansion, incorporating a classic Italian marble altar, magnificent stained glass, and a new sound system based around Community Professional Loudspeakers VERIS 8 two-way full-range systems.

Community's V SERIES is Part of Century-Old Church's Rebirth

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Design Reference Guide 


The House of Worship Design Reference Guide offers coverage suggestions, options and tips for a variety of typical worship spaces. Download the guide, here

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